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GPX Extractor Version 1.4.0 (Shareware)

Picture Subtitler Version 3.0.0 (Freeware)

Join Files Version 1.1.0 (Freeware)

GPX Extractor

GPX Extractor is used to extract a GPX file from the dash cam video generated by a Garmin device.  It can also be used with other devices with some additional settings.  A GPX file is an XML file that stores timestamped GPS coordinates.  This can be used to show the position of the vehicle on a map using a separate program.  The position shown changes in synchronization with the video.  The dash cam video must have the date, time, GPS coordinates and the speed superimposed on the video as shown below.  Although the GPX file may be generated by the Garmin device itself, this is not always satisfactory.  Most of the time the GPS location is not always synchronized with the video.  In addition, sometimes one forgets to save the GPX file and only the video is available.  This is where GPX Extractor comes to the rescue.

Besides extracting GPX information from a video, this program is also flexible enough to be used to extract all sort of text from a video – the only constraint is that the text should be on a single line and be of a fixed font – including size and colour.

You can download an evaluation version from here.  The evaluation version is fully functional for a period of 14 days, after which you need to buy a license.  You can purchase a license by clicking the Pay Now button below, which takes you to PayPal.   You  do not need a PaylPal account to effect a payment.  A license only costs €25.

The following Setting files are currently available for the indicated Dashcams.  Unless otherwise stated, these are for videos with a resoltion of 1080p.  Drop me an email if you wish a setting file for your particular Dashcam.  Simply unzip the corresponding files in a folder and load the settings file from the application.


Buy now

Download an evaluation version of GPX Extractor or purchase a license for only €25 by clicking the Pay Now button below. Once you have effected payment, send the Registration Code generated from the GPX Extractor via email to bigbugisoftware@gmail.com. See the help file for more details.

Release History

29/08/2019    Version
                     Introduced UTC Time Offset for GPX file
                     Fixed decimal separator localisation problem
                     Fixed other minor issues

13/08/2018  Version
           Implemented reading of the negative symbol for GPS coordinates.

01/10/2016  Version
           Implemented forbidden zones for text detection

28/09/2016    Version
                   Introduced new delimiters to read GPS information in the format
                   degrees, minutes, seconds.

23/09/2016    Version
                   Fixed problem with saving settings for negative Latitude/Longitude
                   Enabled loading of settings file with relative paths
                   Improved registration window with Copy and Paste buttons
                   Updated Help.

21/09/2016    Version    
                   First public release of GPX Extractor

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